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    Living the dream in Malta

    I always wanted a job that took me to beautiful places so when I ended up on a classic bus trundling across Malta, I had to take a moment to appreciate how far I’d come. Malta gave me something that few pleasure-only trips have been able to. I love my job but to be able to do it from a place like this is just wonderful. Arriving on the island, I was a little nervous. I was there in my BookAclassic marketing manager capacity, ready to talk to a whole host of journalists and classic car enthusiasts about the brand. This was far away from my usual remit that involves…

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    Learning my limits in Canada

    Travel that transforms comes in many packages, from the surprise trip that triggers a mind-blowing realisation, to the huge stand-out moments in your life. My trip to Canada was the latter. There was no way a ski trip to Banff wasn’t going to be transformative for me. My boyfriend of 13 years is a superb snowboarder and I tried to join him in the sport back in 2008. I failed spectacularly. This was at a time where my mental and physical strength were lacking and I just couldn’t hack it. Fast forward to now, on the plane home from a ski trip to Canada feeling as high as this 787…

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    Wish you were here…

    Why not swerve modern life (gratuitous status update) and send a postcard instead? Enjoy the practical processes of engagement. Travel should be an emotional journey…the humble holiday card is a declaration that your recipient really matters. An unexpected postcard… in this digital age, is the new bouquet of flowers. Disclaimer: Blogger does still appreciate blooms. No excuses…

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    Quiet Please

    Choose a slow journey. Ask for the quiet carriage. Book basic and pack light. Switch off that on-trend or ego’d nonsense scripting of what you should do on vacation. Feed or follow your senses. Sardinia’s train network could be your catalyst – its single track lines offer a thorough, nonsense clearing shake down. Switch off ‘up there’ and open up instead to a slow moving tableau of colour, emotion, light and rhythm. www.treninoverde.com

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    Blue sky thinking at Esthwaite Water.

    Lets retake ‘blue sky thinking’ for the dreamers amongst us. One of the smallest lakes in England’s Lake District National Park, Esthwaite was a favourite of William Wordsworth. So no pressure on you…but its clearly got inspiration pedigree. Does it really matter where you stay, how far you travel or what the guide book recommends? How it makes you feel…is the lasting memory.