Heritage Serviced Suites, Huddersfield

20130818_191019Lucky bloody me I know…. but a lifestyle rife with an inordinate amount of hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins, and luxury villas has ultimately, become overwhelming.

Nowadays, I often hope the receptionist isn’t warm and welcoming (I’m tired of talking) or the cabin stewardess is not the cutest and kindest lady ever (they normally are). Never mind the humble Greek Yia-Yia that cleans the villa and feeds us Fanta and cakes every day.

I love warmth and hospitality, it’s the corner stone of a good travel experience. But sometimes I want to travel privately, silently, and not have the feeling ‘again’ of being away from home.

I’ve noted the rise of serviced apartments over the last few years.. and assumed it was not for me. I was, am, a travel girl and that means I belong in hotels right? These serviced apartments are for business men on business trips.. or cheating chaps kicked out of their homes after a revelatory show down.

I was wrong.. and glad to admit it, so let me backtrack and tell you why. High summer saw me travelling an awful lot; family visits, work ventures, research trips.

Visiting 3 different places in Yorkshire, over 2 days in the height of summer… I was travel weary at the very thought of it. These obligations in my over filled diary, meant I didn’t want to go anywhere. But choosing a hotel is still for me… about value for money, and the feeling that the decor and ambiance is likely to be in tune with my sensibilities.

I booked the Heritage Serviced Suites in Lindley Huddersfield for its location firstly, then for its decor and price. Having thought about it after booking, I realised my curiosity was piqued. What would I miss, what would I possibly gain from this different travel experience?


Heritage has an enviable location in a beautifully converted traditional textile mill. Its edge of town, village location meant there was enough to entice on foot or by short distance in the car. While on-site and bookable is a gym, beauty salon and a bistro style cafe bar.
I received instructions for arrival via email and text. Picking up the keys and using the security entry codes was straight forward ( and I imagine this method could be rather fun for treating a loved one to a surprise night away).
The Scarborough Suite was absolutely lovely – stunning views, and utterly immaculate in decor and presentation. I actually could not have been happier, sinking into the bath that night. I felt unfettered by hotel staff, (who can often be intrusive when travel has become a chore) and delighted by my surrounds, so much so that if I had any natural interior design skills of my own (I don’t), its palette of colours and fabrics are what I would choose too.

Within a month, I’d returned to Yorkshire for a trip to Leeds and Brighouse and stayed with Heritage again, booking for a night the Wellington Suite – a chic, French style one bedroom apartment with the best bath for 2 you could ever wish for!


So yes, I get it. It’s not just for business men. You’re at ease straight away. Staying at a serviced apartment isn’t a multi personnel procedure to endure or a painful night away from real home comforts, it’s a haven to escape to for the best of both worlds, hotel and home combined.

Find out more here www.heritagesuites.co.uk and jump over to my other site www.thepleasureforecast.com for a chance to win a one night stay at the Heritage Suites.

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