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Living the dream in Malta

I always wanted a job that took me to beautiful places so when I ended up on a classic bus trundling across Malta, I had to take a moment to appreciate how far I’d come.

Malta gave me something that few pleasure-only trips have been able to. I love my job but to be able to do it from a place like this is just wonderful.

Arriving on the island, I was a little nervous. I was there in my BookAclassic marketing manager capacity, ready to talk to a whole host of journalists and classic car enthusiasts about the brand. This was far away from my usual remit that involves talking to journalists and classic car enthusiasts about the brand from behind my laptop.

The BookAclassic press conference was organised to share the company with classic vehicle owners in Malta. The platform allows people to drive their classic cars and get paid for it, be it at weddings, for events or as prop for a film or advert. It also allows people like you and me the chance to hire a classic car in 36 countries across the world.

The cars

This adventure started with a trip to the Malta Classic Car Collection. I did three laps of this wonderful place, taking photographs, appreciating the old cars and lusting after a topless Abarth. I did a little work, updated some social channels and did a few live streams but I was in my element. This is how work should be.

The BookAclassic event itself was also a classic car enthusiasts dream. Alongside the ride on Malta’s oldest bus, we were treated to an exhibition of other classics, including the island’s first-ever registered car, a 1904 Siddeley.

The people

One of my colleagues had mentioned just how friendly the people of Malta were and he was correct. The people are warm and welcoming, especially when you want to chat about cars. The taxi driver who took me to the airport on my last day was pointing out car dealerships that housed classics while telling me about his plans to import a Ford Consul.

My work

While this was just a short work trip, it gave me a new found appreciation of my job and what it means to be a digital nomad. I love this way of life. It also reminded me that I can do anything, including speaking in front of crowds of people.

I’m so pleased to be working with a forward-thinking start up that’s going into an exciting growth phase. I hope there will be more trips like this and I definitely hope there will be more classic cars.

If you get the chance to visit Malta, don’t be afraid to explore the island in its entirety. When I travel, I love nothing more than driving and wandering to find the hidden gems of a place. While I didn’t quite get the chance to do that on this trip, I saw enough of Malta to know that I’ve fallen a little bit in love.

Jess is an automotive and travel writer who loves to road trip. Find out more at www.jessshanahan.com.

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